What Programming Languages do Dating Sites and Apps Typically Use

The explosive growth of apps have enabled the launch of a large number of dating applications and sites. The convenience of apps need no introduction and have disrupted entire business models with new capabilities and features that ride on the advanced technological capabilities of mobiles. Social networking sites and dating sites have been built using various programming languages. While some programming languages are suitable for building apps of certain sizes, some are suitable for large sites.

Social networks and dating sites such as Tinder and Badoo are built using JavaScript, HTML5 and Python.  The database requirements for dating sites are met by NoSQL and MongoDB.  Here is a look at the programming languages typically used for building dating sites and apps.


Acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor, this server side scripting language is popular among developers for building dating sites. The large number of dating site ready scripts that are on offer are an indication of the popularity of PHP. Some of the standout advantages of PHP is that it can be embedded into HTML, it can be used in combination with a host of content management systems and different frameworks. The latest version presently available is PHP 7.3, released in December 2018.


This falls into the category of high level programming languages, which means that it does not require a separate translator or compiler to get the system to understand the instructions. By virtue of being a high level language it is typically regarded as tougher to learn. It supports object oriented programming and structured programming in addition to many other types of programming.


One of the most popular programming languages, it was the favourite of an entire generation of developers and is still popular for specific applications. It has the ability to work on all platforms, it extends support to APIs, and the object oriented language benefit. In addition with Andoird devices remaining the most popular among mobile users, the default status of Java for Android applications makes it a popular choice. All browsers support Java and therefore it is the best choice for the front end.


Since launch in 2008, HTML5 has become a popular choice for applications with extensive support for multimedia and new features. Examples of dating sites that implement this language are SextingChat.com and AdultHookupApp.com. The backward compatibility of HTML5 makes it the perfect replacement for HTML4. It offers the best balance for easy readability by humans while being easily understood by browsers, making it the best option for cross platform applications.  HTML5 has the distinction of being used by one third of the top 100 websites in the world. And among the most popular adopters, social networking and search engines figure right at the top.