What Programming Languages do Social Media Sites Typically Use

We are officially in the digital milieu and social media has been acknowledged as one of the most powerful influencers in the digital narrative. Businesses and individuals are increasingly taking to social media to share and to receive information. With social networking sites growing in popularity, the programming languages used for building the sites and applications have undergone changes over the years. The choice of languages to build social networking sites changes from site to site, but some programming languages are the most sought after; here is a look at a few popular choices.


Despite the fact that Perl has a reputation of a language that was developed in the pre-social media period, it is still a good choice. This high level language has been used by some of the most popular sites and has been offering reliable support for handling a very large community of users. This is precisely why Amazon and Craigslist rely on Perl. Though this does not qualify as the most cost effective or fast option to build a site, organizations still continue to choose this programming language for the benefits and versatility it offers.


When it comes to a shortlist of programming languages for most requirements, it is hard to find one without Java. The programming language has become one of the most popular, especially because of its association with Android which currently rules the mobile world. Popularity begets popularity – Java has a very large community of developers who offer considerable support. This has resulted in building the best functionalities, which combines with the powerful capabilities of Java as server side and client side programming language.


Some of the biggest and most popular sites have been built with Python. This high level programming language is a great choice for web development, despite being capable of handling only the back end development.  Sites typically use a combination of Python for the back end and other programming languages for the front end. Though it is relatively slower when compared with programming languages that do not fall in the category of compiled languages, it is still a popular choice.


Eight out of ten websites use PHP, indicating the popularity of the programming language. Accounting for the top social networking sites including the likes of Facebook, PHP offers powerful features for building dynamic web pages that are interactive. And this is where it scores as the best option, as social networking is all about interaction. The standout advantages of PHP as a programming language is the speed with which sites can be built and the relatively lesser cost of developing a site. The ease with which sites can be built makes this one of the most popular choices among all programming languages.